Bootham Bar Gate (Copy) fall near the wall (Copy) Gate at St Leonards (Copy) IMG 0746 Tower of London (Copy) IMG 0928 York Minster in the rain (Copy) IMG 0942 Monkbar Gate (Copy)
IMG 0969 Cliford Tower stairs (Copy) IMG 1086 Cliford Tower (Copy) IMG 1106 Shambles (Copy) IMG 1111 The Shamples (Copy) IMG 1252 York drydock (Copy) IMG 1262 St Mary's (Copy)
IMG 1271 St Mary's (Copy) IMG 1285 St Mary's (Copy) IMG 1288 St Mary's (Copy) Sagging (Copy)  no, that's not lens distortion the Minster (Copy) the wall (Copy)
wall detail (Copy) York from Cliford's Tower (Copy) IMG 1338 Cliford Tower (Copy) IMG 1350b (Copy) York Roofline (Copy) Micklegate Sunset (Copy)
IMG 1061 York Minster night (Copy) IMG 1358 York wheel dusk (Copy) IMG 1117 Vintage Shambles2 (Copy) IMG 0603 Haydian (Copy) IMG 0558 Ming (Copy) IMG 0589 Syrian detail (Copy)
IMG 0716 Trafalgar Sq (Copy) IMG 0728 Thames Skyline (Copy) IMG 0739 Tower Bridge (Copy) IMG 0671 Kensington Park (Copy) IMG 0680 Kensington (Copy) IMG 0682 Kensington Gardents (Copy)
IMG 0686 old friends (Copy) IMG 0694 bird barier (Copy) IMG 0753 London clolour (Copy) IMG 0757 above London (Copy)