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How the site is laid out is a nested gallery site. That means that individual images are grouped together in folders that may be under another folder category. For example; pictures taken in Arches NP are in Southern Utah which is under Southwest and in the top category Locations.

This site have several ways to move around.
A. - At the top is a perpetual menu where you can quickly navigate between the galleries and the auxiliary pages.

B. - To view any image, simply click on it. The photo will enlarge in the same window with a thumbnail row at the top as demonstrated in the image above. You can navigate by clicking on the right side of the enlarged image to advance to the next one, or the left side to move back an image. You can also use the scroll wheel of your mouse to move backwards and forwards. Tapping any image in the thumbnail row will enlarge it.

C. - Right under the Thumbnail row is a navigation menu that will self-hide. To bring it back, simply hover your cursor in the area just under the thumbnails.

The Navigation items from left to right are:

Names of images are at the bottom left.

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Printing is handled exclusively through Fotomoto. They handle all aspects of the printing process. I am unable to intercede, refund or otherwise make changes to your order. You can contact Fotomoto at

See "Prints" on the top menu for more information/instructions on ordering prints.

D. - The Fotomoto print button is in the lower right on any enlarge photo. Just click or tap on the icon and a large window will open on right in the same page offering you various ways to get a print of the image shown. the Fotomoto button may differ depending on your browser. or

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Copyright and Reproduction

All images here are copyright Mitch Mitchell Photography and may not be copied or reproduced without my written consent. Prints purchased from Fotomoto also are copy written and may not be copied or reproduced. Under limited circumstances, I may provide scaled-down copies of my photography to journalists and educators, but written consent is still required. Please contact me before using any of my images.

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