Montana and Wyoming

These images are primarily from Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks.
An Elk Elk Yellowstone morning Yellowstone late afternoon
Bisson 1 Bisson Kepler Falls Canary Springs detail
Minerva Terrace 2 Minerva Terrace Minerva Terrace 1 Canary Springs
Canary Springs 2 Orange Cone Black Pool detail Canary Springs 10
Canary Spring 7 Canary Springs 8 Canary Springs 6 Canary Springs 5
Palette Springs Palette Springs 1 pool paterns Sunrise
Yellowstone Geese 1 Cliff Geyser Iron Creek 1 Cliff Geyser 1
Old Faithful 2 Old Faithful 1 Beehive Beehive Geyser
Emerald Pool Morning Glory Pool 1 Morning Glory Pool Riverside Geyser
Old Faithful 21 Old Faithful 20 Black Pool Firehole River hot streams
Firehole River White DomeGeyser Old Faithful MIT07634 Luminar4-edit
Hot Lake White Dome Geyser 1 Crescent Pool Crescent Pool 1
Crescent Pool 3 Emerald Pool 1 Firehole River 1 Iron Creek 2
Yellowstone pool Cliff Geyser 3 Opalescent Pool Iron Creek
Noris Geyser Field 3 Norris Geyser Field 2 Norris Geyser Field 1 Norris Geyser field
Echinus Geyser Yellowstone Falls 1 Yellowstone Falls Downtown Whitefish
Golden medow Montana medow Silver Staircase Fall 5 Silver Staircase Falls 3
Lake McDonald2 Lake McDonald Avalanche Lake Avalanche Lake 1
Avalance Gorge 6 Avalanche Gorge 3 Avalance Gorge 9 Lake McDonald 3
Bowman Lake Glacier Park Bowman Lake log Bowman Lake 2
Bowman Lake North Bowman Lake Shouth Bowman Lake Panorama Fishing on Bowman Lake
Bowman Lake clouds Avalance Lake 2 Avalance Lake 3 Avalance Lake 4
Avalance Lake stream Avalanche Creek Lake McDonald 4 Lake McDonald Pano