Northern California

These pictures were taken in towns and parks near the Oregon boarder. Some of these sights can no longer be seen; for example, the red-roofed Trinidad Lighthouse has been moved to a less scenic location.
IMG 5278 Sundial Bridge IMG 5306 Sundial Bridge Dial Bridge 1 IMG 5266 Sundial Bridge
IMG 5372 Sundial Bridge Sundial Bridge sunset Dial Bridge Sunset Sacramento River Sunset 1
Sacramento River Sunset 2 IMG 5402 Sacramento River McCloud Railroad 1 old silver car
pallets Frozen Faith Blue Faith Shasta Sunset
Crescent City Lighthouse Prairy Creek bridge Prairy Creek elk herd Trinidad Lighthouse
Trinidad Lighthouse 1 Ferndale Mobile art museum Mobile art museum 2
Humbolt Redwoods Humbolt Redwoods 1 Humbolt Redwoods 2 Hedge Creek
Fall Creek Falls Hedge Creek Falls 7 Middle McCloud Falls Middle McCloud Falls (portrait)
Castle Lake Mt Shasta 2 Mt Shasta Shasta in daylight
DSC7165 Black Butte MIT06712 Mt Shasta IMG 0711 Mt Shasta IMG 0673 McCloud
IMG 0679 McCloud Railroad IMG 0750 Mt Shasta IMG 1055 King Creek Meadow IMG 1061 King Creek Meadow
IMG 1346 Lassen IMG 1358 Lassen NP IMG 1519-Pano Helen Lake IMG 1640 Shadow Lake
IMG 1731 Cliff Lake IMG 1989 Cliff Lake IMG 2009 Cliff Lake IMG 2095 Shadow Lakejpg
IMG 2311 Lassen NP IMG 2342 Helen Lake IMG 2533 King Creek IMG 4625 King Creek Falls
IMG 4826 King Creek Falls IMG 5108-Pano King Creek Meadow