Washington State

These photos are of varying locations, but most are north or west of Seattle.
DSC7596 Birch Bay DSC7601 Birch Bay DSC7615 Birrch Bay DSC7750 Birch Bay
DSC7828 Birch Bay DSC7728-Pano Birch Bay MIT06867 Sudden Valley MIT06836 Sudden Valley
MIT06893 Sudden Valley DSC7873 Maritime Heritage Park DSC7909 Maritime Heritage Park DSC7921 Maritime Heritage Park
DSC7933 Maritime Heritage Park DSC7951 Maritime Heritage Park DSC7955 Maritime Heritage Park DSC7959 Nooksack Falls
DSC8134 Baker Creek DSC8237 Chuckanut Dr DSC8240 Chuckanut Dr DSC8330 Chuckanut Dr
DSC8374 Whatcom Lake MIT07235 Whatcom Lake MIT07262 Whatcome Lake DSC8468 Rock Rings
DSC8471 Rock Rings DSC8500 Rock Rings DSC8509 Rock Rings DSC8518 Rock Rings
DSC8192 Fairhaven Victoirian DSC7893-Bellingham Museum MIT07275 Stone Rings Kraken rock 1
Bellingham Bay Bellingham rowers Bellingham Harbor 2 Bellingham Harbor 3
Bellingham Harbor 4 Bellingham Harbor 5 Bellingham Harbor boats Bellinham Harbor B&W
MIT06755 Fairhaven MIT06772 LFairhaven DSC7200 MT Baker stream DSC7237 Mt Baker Stream
MIT06800 Baker Lake Rain forest stream Olympic phone booth resting elk
Elk in the forest Ruby Beach 1 Ruby Beach stacks 1 Ruby Beach arch 1
Ruby Beach arch Ruby Beach stacks Ruby Beach Ruby Beach driftwood
Ruby Beach 5 Ruby Beach stacks 2 Ruby Beach 4 Ruby beach 3
Ruby Beach Arch 3 Bremerton fountain 1 Bremerton Fountains USS Turner Joy
Bremerton Harbor 1 Bremerton Fountains 3 Bremerton Fountains ` Bremerton fountain
Point No Point Lighthouse 1 Rosario Straight 1 Rosario Straight Rosario Straight 2
Rosario Straight 3 Russell Landing Orcas Orcas dock
Orcas dock 4 Olga General Store Cascade Falls 1 Cascade Falls 3