The United Kingdom (England)

These images are from three work related trips to London with side trips to York and Bath. NOTE: these images are from 2007 and are shot with much older cameras. I wouldn't recommend printing larger than 8x12.


These images are from 2 work related trips to the town on the Themes. I spent a lot of time in museums in my off hours, but did manage to get a few good city.

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Hampton Court

This of from the only day in three trips to London that it was actually sunny. Hampton Court contains the most manicured gardens I've ever seen!

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Bath and Lacock

A long weekend with a very brief excursion to the hamlet of Lacock. Lots and lots of rain,but at least not a lot of crowds. The Abbey is a genuinely beautiful building, and the Roman Baths feel like stepping back in time.

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I wasn't even aware the tour I was taking stopped at Stonehenge till I was waiting in line for the bus! In a respect, we were luck and it was raining and very cold which meant that our little 20-person tour were almost the only visitors for 2 hours.

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I spent a lovely long weekend in York wandering it's old town streets, ancient Wall, and exploring numberous historic sites. Even the daily rain could wash a way the charm of this scenic town.

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