Living and breathing things

From small insects to wolves to giraffes. Even my sister's cat!
A7C00197 Swan A7C00149 Crane A7C00180 Crane MIT09365 Bunny
solo bison gray wolf Wolf at the zoo Wolf at zoo
Tiger at the zoo Giraffes 3 Girrafes Otter
2 Girrafes Giraffe head 1 Elk 1 Elk 2
lamb Sleeping Cat Mission San Antonio cats  Another subject that looks supurb on art paper swans  Print on glossy
Swan  Print on glossy Mallard Ducklings 1 Ducklings
Buddy the Raven Buddy in snow Buddy 1 Buddy dry  Looks spectacular as a smooth art print
Raven Buddy Raven Raven at Hermits Rest Blue Herron
fishing jumping crane crane Pipper 2
Pipper costal bird Lizard Coos Bay salamanders
Coos Bay Salamander DSC5586 LuminarAI-edit Tea Garden coi  Prints best on glossy meial Coi
Jellyfinh 2  Best as a glossy print Jellyfish 3  Best as a glossy print Jellyfish 4  Best as a glossy print jellyfish  Best as a glossy print
Orange Toad Victoria Butterfly 1 Victoria Butterfly 2 Victoria Butterfly 4
pale yellow butterfly Victoria Butterfly 3 Victoria Butterfly 5 Victoria Butterfly 6
Victoria Butterfly 10 Victoria Butterfly 7 Victoria Butterfly 9 blue drafonfly 3
IMG 0291 white butterfly Butterfly on yellow bumble bee on iris Butterfly on red
Silver Falls Dragonfly Red Dragonfly 9 Red Dragonfly 7 Red Dragonfly 6
Red Dragonfly 3 Red Dragonfly 1 MIT00740 Luminar4-edit Blue Dragonfly 1
Red Dahlia with Green Bee  prints look good up to 11x14 bumble bee on yellow Dahlia Dia De Los Muertos Kitty  good for greeting cards Halloween kitty
Patriotikitty 1  good for greeting cards