These images have been customized through repeated runs through for or more applications to create various artistic effect. Each image is unique and can never be reproduced exactly the same again.
A7C00930 Coi painting Dry Creek Colors Accidental art 1 Accidental Art 2
Accidental Art 3 Accidental Art 4 MIT03760 Sunset surfer MIT02883 Gearheart dawn
IMG 4118 McCloud Lake 1 MIT04237 Seaside sunset MIT02928 Bench 1-2 MIT03025 Astoria-2
Castle Lake Watercolor glass butterfly2  8x10 art print or canvas looks quite nice tiger butterfly Blue Christmas  makes a great a unique Christmas card
vines1 vines2 IMG 6968 Bodie Church line drawing1 IMG 7768 Boardwark art 1
IMG 7768 Boardwark IMG 8679 Halfdome glow Buddha rendering  recommended for square canvas printing Bunny nightmare 1
IMG 8653 People Eater 4 Burney Falls painting Black Butte from Castle Lake 3a rusty red barn in yellow
MIT09715 Moon 1 MIT08797 skyscrapers MIT08707 SF sunsett MIT09137 sunset
IMG 2143 Lacock 1 DSC1481 Bleeding Hearts DSC1022 Fern 1 DSC1098 Golden Gate Park Pond
IMG 0389 Westminster 1 IMG 2073 Stonehenge IMG 1106 Shambles FILE0203 York 1
63A00305 SF Moma MIT00407 Tower Wool skeins blue door
Hi-Lo Motel Sign