The majority of these are from derelict trains in Northern California. I was luck enough to shoot there before any significant vandalism had destroyed the fading majestify of these liners. Several more images are from a museum in the far East Bay.
2 blue train cars McCloud Railroad and Shasta IMG 7433 Luminar4-edit colorful first-class car  This is one of my all-time favorites. It makes a striking print in any type or size
red first-class passageway Red passageway Long Red Passageway Empty Dinner Car
Unsettling Sleeper Car color train car red train barn red coach car  Prints well on glossy media
B&W caboose McCloud Railroad 5 remains in engine car  Prints best on art paper McCloud Railroad 3
view from engine car caboose train cars & Shasta train stop sign
train house Gold Country Train Gold Country Train 2 Train Museum 3
Train Museum 1  Looks great as a canvas print Train Museum 2  Looks great as a canvas print Whiterock Train 1 Whiterock train