The Site

Images are grouped, though it may not be obvious. Locations are grouped by region generally arranged south to north. For example; the Northwest Region starts with CA; In the Oregon Gallery, images start in the Rogue River area and proceed north to the Columbia River Gorge. Things are grouped by type.

The Photographer

The Images

I strive to make only the finest museum quality art photographs available on mMitchell.com  All images on this site have been taken with high resolution, professional photo equipment. The raw images have been meticulously processed through Adobe PhotoShop Lightroom, Skylum Luminar and Corel PaintShop Pro until the best possible brilliance, color balance, contrast and detail has been achieved. Even with a fast computer the processing usually take much longer than actually taking the pictures.

My Photo Equipment

I shoot primarily with Sony e-mount cameras as well as Canon DSLRs. I own a variety of professional lenses, most with image stabilization. I user an assortment of professional grade lens filters. I often use a polarizing filter to increase color depth and detail. I have several tripods that I rarely use as I rely on monopods most of the time. Despite the longish shutter speeds on some photos, nearly all my images were taken hand held or steadied with a monopod.

My Software

I spend more time reviewing and editing photos than taking them; Ansel Adams did the same.  Software is critical for producing professional digital photos.  Here's what I use.


I have been using Qualityhostonline.com for more than a decade. They are not the most powerful solution out there, but they are competitively priced and their support team is fantastic!

* Years ago, I took photos for actors/models' portfolios, but gave it up as I didn't really enjoy it.