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Printing is handled exclusively through the professional print company, Fotomoto. Fotomoto handles all aspects of the printing, shipping and payments.I am unable to offer prints other than through the Fotomoto store connected to mMitchell.com.   I have no direct control over prints so please read these instructions carefully and exercise digressions when choosing prints materials, sizes, and crops. All transactions are through the Fotomoto store and use the industry leader, Stripe to handle credit card payments.

Warranty and Replacement Policy

All prints are provided without warranty other than manufacturing defects. Prints are offered as a courtesy to fans of my art rather than as a source of income, therefore I am not able to offer refunds as my margin is already slim. All images have been prepared to be the best possible quality for printing. If your prints arrive damaged in shipping or have significant printing errors, you must contact me via the email address on your shipping receipt within 72 hours. I do not offer replacements for color, contrast, or perceived detail difference between the prints and what you see on your monitor as I have no control over what you see on your end. Again, I have gone to great lengths to ensure that images will print the way I intend them too. Customers are responsible for selecting the correct image, choosing the correct print size, and other options. Replacements are not offered due to customer errors/damage in ordering, unpacking, or displaying.

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To order prints or greeting cards:
While viewing an image, click on the Fotomoto button at the bottom right of the page in the info section.  The button may appear as or  depending on your browser. You may need to scroll down if you are viewing mMitchell.com on a phone or small screen.

1 - Once the Fotomoto page has opened for the image you want to print from, you will have options on what material, size, and crop for your print. Premium photographic prints are the most common, but you can select Fine Art, Metal, Canvas, or Cards (greeting cards.)

2. - If you don't see the size you want, click/tap on the "More Sizes." NOTE: some print sizes will not work as well for a given image due to excessive cropping. Most of my images are full frame format so 4x6, 8x12, 10x15, etc. will work best.

3. The image at the top of the Fotomoto page shows what the crop will look like for the print size you have selected. You can drag the frame up/down or left/right to produce the crop you want. Again, if too much detail is getting cropped out, try a different print size. Although I don't recommend it for most image, you can change from landscape to portrait or visa versa in clicking the little box in the lower left of the crop image.

4. Once you have selected the type, size, finish, don't forget to add the image to your cart and then the "continue shopping" or "check out" button.

Most major credit cards are accepted for payment. NOTE: once an order is submitted, it cannot be canceled by the customer as prints are immediately added to queues. If there is an anomaly with your order, I will be notified. If I cannot resolve it withing 48 hours, Fotomoto will automatically cancel the order and refund your credit card.

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Handling and Displaying Prints

Photographs are damaged by human fingerprints. I advise wearing gloves while handling photographs, especially glossy prints. Use archival, acid-free materials when mounting, matting and framing prints to ensure a longer life. Do not display prints in direct sunlight or under bright artificial lighting; bright lighting will damage and fade any photography. All prints types will look best in well lit areas with indirect or diffuse lighting. Smooth Art Prints are recommended for areas that face windows or other light sources; Luster also will reduce reflections. For the longest life possible, frame prints under UV-protective glass.

Prints are enclosed in plastic to help ensure they don't get damaged/scratched in transit or while unpacking. REMOVE OR COVER ANY EXPOSED TAPE BEFORE REMOVING PRINTS FROM THEIR PROTECTIVE PLASTIC! All prints and greeting cards are professionally packed to ensure the arrive undamaged; Fotomoto does not send prints in envelopes. I know this sounds pedantic, but please open packages carefully. I had to make the same warning when I ran the service desk at a custom print lab as too many of my customers damaged the prints while opening the package. 

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Print Types

All prints are boarderless. A small portion of the image will be lost if you place them behind a matte or frame of your choice; in most cases, that won't be an issue. Click on the "LEARN MORE" link in the Fotomoto ordering window for specific information on surface types for each material.

Premium (Photographic) Prints
Premium prints are professionally created resin coated prints that bring out all the detail of the photograph while preserving the correct color and contrast. Brightly colored photos are best printed on GLOSSY paper as that brings out the richest tones. However, if you are planning on displaying images without glass or other protection, then luster may be better choice. Premium prints are a welcome addition to any indoor environment.

Fine Art Prints
Art prints are top quality, museum grade images, and printed on 100% rag archival paper with a wide color gamut and dense black point. These are welcome additions to office lobbies, board rooms, libraries, and anywhere connoisseurs want to showcase exceptional art photographs. I recommend acid-free matting these prints before placing in a custom frame.

Canvas Prints
Canvas prints are printed on durable textured material and mounted on stretcher boards like a painting. Canvas prints make beautiful additions to living rooms, bedrooms, or living rooms. The are the prefect addition to professional waiting rooms, conference rooms, or offices. Canvas prints are ready to display and do not need matting or framing.

Metal Prints
Metal prints are photos that have been created using a custom coating directly on metal, producing a printed image that is durable and is easy to clean. Metal prints will look superb anywhere you want a photography that is a conversation piece, not just a "picture." Metal prints are ready to display and do not need matting or framing.

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Print Sizes

Most of my images will do well at larger sizes, but if you are ordering larger than 11x14, please feel free to contact me to verify the image will be satisfactory. All photos will be offered in a variety of sizes. Most of my images are 2x3 format which meant they will print best at 4x6, 8x12, or 10x15 etc. You can choose a different print size than the format of the image, but you are responsible for the crop (see #3 under ordering.)

NOTE: Prints will always appear a bit darker than what you see on a screen. This is because light is only being reflected off a print where as screens are transmitting the light directly to your eye. With the wide variety of screens to view images on, prints cannot be guaranteed to match what you see on your computer/phone. The prints are professionally calibrated to produce the correct color rendition as the artist (me) intended.

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Error Messages

"Server Problem. Please try again later!"
Besides meaning that there is a connection issue with Fotomoto servers, it is unfortunately the only way to Fotomoto flags images that I don't want printed.

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