Animals, flowers, man-made objects, and more abstract subjects.

Living and breathing things

From small insects to wolves to giraffes. Even my sister's cat!

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Flowers and Plants

These images are from all over the place. Sping cacti blossoms from Escalante to hydrangeas on Telegraph Hill, SF

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These are from a couple of roadside stands. I hope to get more soon.

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Hot Air Balloons

All these images are from the Windsor Hot Air Balloon Festival. Sadly, it has been cancel for several years running.

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Cars and Bikes

Most of these are from the Santa Rosa Car Show, but here are a few others mixed in.

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The majority of these are from derelict trains in Northern California. I was luck enough to shoot there before any significant vandalism had destroyed the fading majestify of these liners. Several more images are from a museum in the far East Bay.

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Architectural Details

Various portions of building and man-made objects.

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Places and things that have been discarded, misplaced, forgotten, or lost.

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These images have been customized through repeated runs through for or more applications to create various artistic effect. Each image is unique and can never be reproduced exactly the same again.

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Stuff that just doesn't quite fit into any other category.

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